Linda – Children are More Selfish These Days: Parents Spoiling Children

Now a days children are becoming more and more selfish I think.

They think they are the center of the whole world. And they don’t care for their friends and parents. They even think they can do anything if they want to. And the reason for why they think they can do things without restriction? Well I think their parents have responsibility for that. They shouldn’t have obeyed some requests that are unreasonable from their child. And they give their kids too much love that their child cannot become independent.

Once I was on a bus, I was sitting there and felt very tired. At that time an old granny(about 65~70) and a young boy(10~15). When I saw the old granny I stood up immediately and told her that I could let her sit on my seat. To my surprise, she brought her grandson and then the boy sat down and starting looking at the landscape outside. I felt disappointment and could say nothing.

I sincerely hope that all the parents can think about these problems carefully. Think about their behaviour, thoughts and so on. Please.


Linda – The Empty Streets Before the Crowds Came

Look at the cleanly prepared streets! Just waiting for the Olmpics. You can guess the traffic conditions :). You can see beautiful scene everywhere. Here are some photos of below before all the crowds came to Beijing. The last picture is of my eating cheerios when I noticed the Olympics rings. There are signs of it everywhere!

Linda – A Crazy Day of Interviewing and Running Around: Stopped by Mall Officials

“Ring ring ring”
I received a message, “Tomorrow 4:00 pm.  We will meet at Tous Les Jours cafe…”

I thought oh, I have a geography class at 6 pm. It’s far away from Tous Les Jours cafe. So I replied immediately, “I got it. But I have a class at 6:00 pm. I can get there earlier so that I can leave earlier because my school is far away from Tous Les Jours cafe.”

Then our teacher, Mrs Xu replied,  “Well, you can come here at 3:20, so that then you can leave when you finish your task.”

When I hurried there, i arrived at 3:30pm. I started doing my work, took photos and then delivered the photos I had taken. Then I noticed that Steven still hadn’t  turned up. At that moment, my teacher’s mobile phone was ringing. I thought it might be Steven.   It was Steven!  He said, “Hi, is that teacher? This is Steven. I’m lost. I forget the name of that bus station in front of Tous Les Jours cafe?”  Then our teacher explained quite clearly how to take the bus and where to change it.

10 minutes later, he appeared. We all started to tease him. We often met at this cafe but he could never remember the bus stop name…

Well. It’s time to do more interviewing.  Steven and I decided to go to the shopping mall, because we thought it was really convenient and cool. Unluckily, we still could not find a person who would agree to an interview.   So we wanted to go outside where there were more people.   But right as we got on the elevator we found two girls who looked like college students. We made our mind to try again so we asked,  “Excuse me. We are from What Kids Can Do and Adobe.  Can we ask you some questions about the Olympics? It won’t be very long.”   After looking our credentials they agreed.

The interview was relaxedness and funny. Right at that moment, a staff of the shopping mall came close to us…

“Excuse me, can you let me know what are you doing? Are you interviewing?”
He asked. “Yes, we are asking some questions about the Olympics. If you want, we can interview you too.”   “No. I mean… can you come to our manager’s office? We are told to pay more attention to the interviewers, you know. ” “Well, I know.” Steven followed him, I finished my interview then went to the office in a hurry.

“You know, here is close to the Olympic stadium. So we must pay attention to the interviewings.”
The manager said. “So, can I know the questions?”
“Of course. We showed them our question list of interviewing” They made a copy which took them a long time. Let me say, it should be about 20 minutes, I think. During that time, we called our teacher and told her details. She asked if she needed to talk to the maneger, we said: “it is fine here. Do not need her to be here. We will be back soon.”

20 minutes later we were back to the cafe.

“Oh my!” I looked my watch. It was 5:00pm. There’s no time to rest. I must go. Fortunately, teacher and other students could go with me.

First, we took a taxi. And we hurried to the line 5. It was 5:15pm. Then at the transfer station we took line10—a new subway line. It was 5:35. Finally, I took a taxi. when I got there , it was 5:55pm.

It was a hurried day that so many things happened. But it was more exciting, isn’t it?

(the photo above is a picture of Me, Steven and Kelen)

Kelen: Interview with a Music Teacher about the Olympics

Du Xiajiao is a music teacher I met in Beichen Shopping Mall. She is a nice lady. Before I met her, there were several people did not want to receive our interviewing. When we met her and talked to her about our interviewing. She said she would like to do it. I was super-happy. You will see my happy face in my picture.

Kelen: What’s your name?

Teacher: Du Xiajiao.

Kelen: What do you do for work?

Teacher: Music teacher.

Kelen: What is the great changes in Beijing Olympics?

Teacher: The environment of Beijing.

Kelen: You must be proud of our country hold the 29th Olympic Games?

Teacher: Of course. Beijing is my great hometown.

Kelen: Which sports will you follow most in the Beijing Olympics?

Teacher: Water sports are my favourite and I always go swimming with my friends.

Kelen: Which friendlies do you like best?

Teacher: Jing Jing(Panda) but all of them are lovely.

Kelen: Me too! I like panda best! Thank you. Goodbye~

E-mail: Interivew with Taxi Driver about the Olympics

I conducted an interview with a taxi driver about his thoughts on the Olympics. Enjoy!


hello,what’s your name?


driver: Hello,My name is WangJie


What do you work for?


I am a taxi driver.


What kind of changes have you noticed in Beijing in the mounth leading up to the Olympics?


oh,yes,it is great changes in Beijing.the urban construction and the mental outlook all had changed a lot.


Do you think that everyone experiences the changes the same way?

司机:恩 是的



Do you think someone poeple will be negatively affected by the Olympics,if so who and why?


Maybe, because there are too many people so anything could happen. Olympics also may bring some traffic trouble or life troubles. Maybe a few people can’t understand.


Has the Olympics made you feel more proud of China and if so why?


Yes, Because it is the global activity, all the Chinese people feel proud.

我 :你买过奥运纪念物么?

Had you bought any Olympic souveneirs?


yes,now you can see the cosmat hanging in my car.


so, can I take a picture of you?




Which sports will you follow most in the Beijing Olympics and why?


I’m really interesting about 100 meters jump a hurdle like LiuXiang ,and Chinese men’s basketball, If YaoMing will come and whether Chinese footballer can step to the world.


Who do you most interesting?


LiuXiang, YaoMing.




Because they not only brings honor for our Chinese, also brings honor for the Asian.


What impact has the Beijing Olympics had on you, personally?


You see I’m a driver, Olympic Games strengthened the control to the transportation, It has affected my income. But it is the world activity after all so moreover we may see the competition.


What worries, if any,do you have about the Olympics?


Yes, Even though there has security measure, But may not avoid some terrorist sabotage.


What impressions about China do you hope foreigners who attend the Olympics or watch them on televisions take away with them?


Well, In the TV, we just watch the some moving pictures, but, Is experiences personally in the scene. Feeling on the scene atmosphere.


Do you often do some sports? What kind?


Yes, I often do some walking, swimming, play ping-pong.


How many hours a week do you spend on there activities?


Mostly every day.


Do you see fitness as a patriotic duty?If so why?




To be sure, competition lies at the heart of the Olympics and just about all sporting events. What do you think of the competitions in the Olmpic?


If has the compitition, there will have the winner and loser. The Chinese advocate friendship first competes second. But I still hope we can win.


How can too much competition be bad?


Competition itself is not a mistake. Because the athlete also has defeat’s time.


Some people say Chinese people don’t know how to work well as a team. Do you think the Olympics has changed the concept of “teams” and “teamwork” in China?


Of course it can change. It is not easy for the Olympics will be hold in Beijing.Becasue of the Olympic,The athlete will has centripetal force.


Are you more aware of other country’s now that many of them are coming to Beijing?


yes, Mostly everyday I can see


Which country’s person are you most interested to ?


I’m interested in every countries’ person, more interesting about the people from developed countries. We can konw about their countries ‘culture.


Are you rooting for any non-Chinese athletes?


Yes, Many, such like the super star of NBA.


What do you think about the proposed olympic songs? Which ones should be chosen?What it means to you?


I have no idea about this question.


thank you!

Special Post from WKCD (What Kids Can Do)

After 6 months of the Beijing Youth Voices (BJV) blogging project , Dr. Barbara Cervone, Executive Director of WKCD, joined Tricia Wang, BJV Program Manager and Gloria Xu, BJV teacher, in China to work with the 6 BJV students for 1 week at the Adobe Beijing headquarters. Within 48 hours, Linda, Steve, E-mail, Kelen, Siqi and Iris produced amazing narrated, photos slideshows. You can find their six slideshows here, as they talk about the confluence of the Olympics and their daily lives. Before checking out their individual slideshows, we suggest that you listen and watch this special 5 minute audio slideshow on their thoughts around the Olympics. After following their lives for 6 months on this blog, we think you will be able to gain a new perspective when you hear their thoughts around this important event in their lives.

Hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics is a point of huge pride for Chinese of all ages. It is China’s debut on the world stage and they pray it is impeccable. For many Westerners and other non-Chinese, the Beijing Olympics offers a different—and no less urgent— storyline: about the suppression of dissent, the importance of human rights, the impact of environmental pollution, and more.

The Beijing youth whose voices and photos we share here speak from the first perspective. They love their country. They are smart and compassionate. They worked terrifically hard to produce these audio slideshows, and they offer them with open hearts. As outsiders, we may wish these six Beijing teenagers had taken up some of the issues that have stirred discussion and protest elsewhere in the world. But these are their stories—from youth who have big dreams for their country as well as for themselves.

We would like to give a special thank you to Adobe Beijing and Adobe Youth Voices for making this project possible. In particular, the Adobe Beijing staff was absolutely invaluable in empowering the students to tell their stories!


Barbara Cervone, Tricia Wang and Gloria Xu

Siqi – Admirable Migrant Construction Workers: Building Beijing One Step at a Time for the Olympics

On July 19th, Mrs Xu, Steven and I went to the Yuan Da Du Park to discuss some blogs and we did some interviewing there.  On the way there we were taking photos.  Then I saw some workers building the construction for the subway.  I saw a group of rural migrants with all kinds of tools.  I lookeded at my watch. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon! It is the hottest time in the day. I looked at them far away, they were trying hard to dig a hole. Their bodies were all wet and they looked like they had taken a shower just but really they were sweating.  You could never imagine my feeling at that moment. I respected them. They were working hard to help us to build a more and more beautiful Beijing. Thanks my friends! Here’s the picture I took when they were building the the road.  Did you see the new road?