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Kelen: Interview with a Music Teacher about the Olympics

Du Xiajiao is a music teacher I met in Beichen Shopping Mall. She is a nice lady. Before I met her, there were several people did not want to receive our interviewing. When we met her and talked to her about our interviewing. She said she would like to do it. I was super-happy. You will see my happy face in my picture.

Kelen: What’s your name?

Teacher: Du Xiajiao.

Kelen: What do you do for work?

Teacher: Music teacher.

Kelen: What is the great changes in Beijing Olympics?

Teacher: The environment of Beijing.

Kelen: You must be proud of our country hold the 29th Olympic Games?

Teacher: Of course. Beijing is my great hometown.

Kelen: Which sports will you follow most in the Beijing Olympics?

Teacher: Water sports are my favourite and I always go swimming with my friends.

Kelen: Which friendlies do you like best?

Teacher: Jing Jing(Panda) but all of them are lovely.

Kelen: Me too! I like panda best! Thank you. Goodbye~


Linda – Something I Want To Say About Pollution: Making Beijing Better

When you are in Beijing, do you feel some uncomfortable?  Well, the air is not fresh and temperature is high. You always feel hot.  When you want to relax yourself by seeing some “green,”  you only find some plastic bags here!  Yes, the reason that you feel uncomfortable is because of the POLLUTION in Beijing.

Beijing, the city will hold the Olympics, now has many ways to keep things from being wasted.

In Beijing there has an organization that organizes a  person who has car to drive fewer days than usual. Like “mei yue shao kai ji tian che” which means “every month drive your car less.”  This means that more and more people are realizing that we all have the responsibility to protect the environment.  We all have started to take bus and subway as much as possible.

Even the super market has stopped offering plastic bags freely. It can stop people from wasting them and this thing we call, “white pollution.”  Here is a survey to show 91.52% Chinese people are planning not to use plastic bags.

Every year, we plant trees and flowers to make our environment better and better. It can also prevent sands storms that come from the north.  So trees make the air fresher and prevent natural sand storms.

In these ways, I believe our city will become more and more beautiful. The environment here will become wonderful and without pollution.

So let’s hope and wait!

Siqi – A Visit 798 – Artist Gallery in an Old Factory

My father drove me to 798 Art spot. I sat in the car with the windows rolled down. The sky was perfect, cloudless blue. 798 was used to be an old factory which is famous for its art in China nowadays. This picture below if of this moment.

I’m impressed by these artistic works’ connection with reality. And I have never seen a working factory where artists coexist and create with work. Here is a picture of graffiti on a wall at the factory.

It’s a space of freedom and creativity, which is a wonderful thing to have in this city. It locates in the Dashanzi area northeast of Chaoyang District. It was a state-owned facility, but in the past couple years has developed into a Soho-like area, bringing together contemporary art, architecture, and culture in a historically interesting setting.

During this activity, a photographic exhibition has deeply impressed me. They condradicted propaganda because the artists wanted to show us an alternative and lamentable way of life. All the photos in the exhibition open up before our eyes is an other living space called bottom world by me. human being talk, eat and do everything in the bottom world with a dive scuba.
Take a look out of your window right now. It doesn’t matter where you live,the time of day,or the season.What do you see? Do you see skyscrapers and offices filled with computers? Do you see polluted rivers or gray dirty sky?

It always comes back to the one question we ask ourselves: What is our world coming to?Or you might be one of those few lucky people who sees crystal-clear lakes or wildflowers.If so,do you notice the clean blue sky and fresh air? Do you really see and appreciate the thick trees that are home to so many animals? How much of this land are we willing to destroy? Will we keep going and going until none of it is left because all we care about is profit?

What kind of world do you want your grandchildren to live in? If we don’t save the environment now there will be children in the future who will never see a forest or swim in a lake. These things are becoming destroyed and so polluted that it will take years to clean up.

This eye-opener is not for everyone. I do realize that there are some very helpful, caring organizations out there who are doing a wonderful job. But, unfortunately, this is not enough. Imagine how clean our world look if no one littered? If everyone cleaned up their own space,this world would have no problem. And if we all think about the answers then we will know what to teach the next generation


Iris – Roots and Shoots: Becoming a Volunteer

There are many unforgettable memories in my life. The most significant memory I always recall is the experience of joining the Roots and Shoots (R&S).

This group is instituted by Doctor Jane Goodall. She is a famous researcher who studies chimpanzees. “R&S is an international hands-on environmental and humanitarian education program, with the goal of creating positive change—for our communities, for animals and for the environment.”

Although we could not solve such a big pollution problem, we can start from every little things. I joined this group 4 years ago and struggled to understand how to best protect our environment. As a member of Green Piece Group, we collected wastes regularly, such as discard bottle and newspapers, and then recycled them. At the same time, other two members and I started to advocate students to use packages and bags instead of plastic packages. Although we did not succeed at the first, the proposa; was accepted by most students finally by combining it with other strategies.

Due to good performance of works, my school presented me with the outstanding delegates to be awarded by Jane Goodall. I believed that this experience will benefit my future because I possess the desire to protect our planet.